‘The fruits of silence is certainly Prayer’

knowing it’s value is nothing but real power.

It’s really useful in almost everywhere,

Sometimes it is like a soothing cool shower.

In schools, colleges, hospitals and prayer halls,

Can’t say you may find it even in shopping malls.

The good thoughts and ideas peep out of silence,

they also love it who are in trouble and tense.

The students and teachers all like it as it’s a grace,

the result of it is often visible in the face.

The tired and ailing they pray for it as they rest,

maintaining it in the class room is the students real test.

Are you bored of noise around you and really restless?

What you really need at that moment?Any one can guess.

Ask the man of prayer and do learn what he says-

silence is indeed a true friend as it never betrays.

Who doesn’t really love it and turns away such a guest?

Everyone requires it in life and it’s a fact not a jest.

You want God’s presence whenever you sit to pray,

without it you won’t succeed in praying trully I say.

Even great love stories required it a lot,

so they also prayed for it as they didn’t want to be caught.

The mothers with little babes do summon it often,

With noises the child in cradle they feared would wake up again.

In the darkness of the night when the robbers meet for theft,

whatever they discuss they make sure that silence is kept.

The priests in the temples and churches prefer it too,

If by chance they find a talkative person immediately they shoo.

To be successful in life love silence with your heart,

For we all will require it when it’s time for us to depart.

31 thoughts on “THE VALUE OF SILENCE

  1. πŸ’•Love thisπŸ’•πŸ’—True words of wisdomπŸ’• I would love to quote you if I may, on the following: “Silence is a true friend, it never betrays.” May I use this quote? Thank you for blessing us with your beautiful poetryπŸ’•May God richly bless youπŸ’—βœοΈπŸ’—

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